Raising public awareness

Members of the network are active in informing the public about stress and stress-related research by public lectures and in the framework of public events such as the brain awareness week.

Brain Awareness Week 2019 - Lausanne

A workshop on stress was organized at the EPFL on Monday 11th of March. It was divided in 3 parts:

  • Explanations on the neurobiology of the stress response in a big inflatable brain

  • Game on inter-individual differences and ways of preventing/fighting stress

  • Visits of 2 laboratories members of stressnetwork.ch - Prof. Gräff and Prof. Sandi, EPFL

Brain Awareness Week 2019 - Basel

On Friday March 22nd, a public conference on stress and its consequences on the brain was given by 2 members of our association, Prof. Anne Eckert and Prof. Johannes Bohacek