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Who are we ?

Stressnetwork.ch is a non-profit association founded in 2018 by Profs. Carmen Sandi (EPFL) and Dominique de Quervain (University of Basel). It brings together renowned scientists working in different fields of stress research in Switzerland. We are currently more than 70 members from various universities in French and German speaking Switzerland. We are convinced that a better understanding of stress is a prerequisite for the prevention and treatment of stress-related health problems. Therefore, we strive to promote stress research by targeting several goals:

o   To raise public and political awareness of the importance of stress research

o   To foster exchanges and collaboration between the different disciplines involved in our network

o   To improve the communication between scientists and the general public

o   To support fundraising for research

Map showing the repartition of our members in Switzerland

In 2020, we have been awarded an Agora grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation for a project that aims to provide the information necessary to better understand stress, its effects and the preventive measures that exist, in a fun and interactive way to the public. This website is one part of the project, together with the mobile application and the Stress Awareness Days.

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